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This is a very elegant WordPress theme which would be perfect for showcasing a hair salon, beauty salon, tanning salon or a nail bar.

The whole theme has been designed from the ground up to make an immediate impact, and to convert your visitors into paying customers in the shortest possible time. With a number of features which make it ultra-easy to modify, you will find that you can make it YOUR premium theme in a very short time.

General Features

Unique features

Menu Icons

To make this theme design stand out even more, we’ve sourced a set of beautiful menu icons you can use. To avoid overcrowding, we’d suggest that you use just 3 menu icons on each page – but that should be enough as they look FANTASTIC.

You can select the icons easily from the Media Library under “Theme Images” where you will find all 12 with variations for either a hair Salon WordPress theme, or a Beauty Salon or a Barber Shop theme.

Custom Background Images and slideshow

With this WordPress theme, you can choose to have a custom static background image on each page or blog post. If you just upload a single background image, its an easy way to customise the page but if you upload more than one image, the images will display as a fading slider!

We’ve done the hard work and created a set of background images for you which you can find in the Media Library under “Theme Images” – or upload your own images.


We’ve created a set of unique templates for your pages – either Home Page or the Default Page. There is also a Special Blog Post template which boasts a large featured image for each inner blog page. If you do use the Featured Image please be aware that it will be cropped to 540px automatically, so when you prepare the Featured Images just make sure thay are 540px wide, or a little wider, maybe.

Theme Images

The Hair Salon WordPress Theme includes a collection of 12 image icons that you are free to use :


The Hair salon wordpress theme includes a collection of 3 images that you are free to use :


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