Cool WordPress Themes

November 7, 2013

OK, so you know some really nice WordPress themes when you see them. So do we! You can design the best, most efficient theme in the world but if it doesn’t have that ‘Wow!” factor then all your efforts could be going to waste. Your business theme has to look cool if it’s going to grab your visitors attention. We have a couple of themes which might fit the bill – why don’t you take a look? The image below is one from our Fitness WordPress theme.

Another of our very cool WordPress themes

 What makes a great WordPress theme?

We suggest that you should choose striking colors and some bold images. Try and find a design layout that is a bit out of the ordinary. In the theme above, we’ve gone for a dark, almost black, background, which looks quite dramatic. Note that while this may look cool, there may be issues around accessibility for some users with visual accessibility problems. There shouldn’t be too much of a problem however, if you ensure that sufficient contrast exists between the foreground text color  and the dark background.

Video in a web page always looks cool. It compels people to stop and watch, but even if they continue to scan the page visually, they are still absorbing your message subconciously, by listening to the video soundtrack. This has another benefit, apart from looking cool. Google assesses your web site performance, amongst other factors, by the time that your visitors spend on your web site. It also notes the bounce rate. The bounce rate is related to the number of users who land on your page and then immediately return to the SERPs – ‘bouncing’ off your web site.


With video on your web page, especially video which is configured to run when the page loads, users will stick around to watch it. Frankly, even if they are not very interested in the video message, they will watch it for long enough to ensure that their eventual departure from the page does not contribute to an high bounce rate figure. Video is definately a factor in designing and producing cool WordPress themes.

One thing which I think makes for “cool” is the inclusion of a VideoScribe style video presentation – the sort which looks like a doodle being drawn. If you could make a frameless video appear like a logo being drawn, well – that would defo be cool.

Is the concept of cool subjective?

I think the answer to that question has to be “Yes”. What’s cool in one context may not be in another. For example in a business theme it may be that an exceptionally stark, minimalist layout in white with some contrasting highlights qualifies that particular web site as a one of the group of really outstanding themes, although it looks totally different from the page that I have just described – black background and light text. At the end of the day, what’s cool and what’s not comes down to personal choice and preference.


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