What sets ThemesBro apart from other WordPress premium themes providers?

  • Creative and unique designs
  • Powerful and useful features
  • Great 24/7 support
  • Pay-as-You-Go, no subscriptions or clubs
  • No registration

Support and Video instructions

All our themes come with full video tutorial support. This includes full walk-thrus on downloading the theme, installing it, creating pages and menus right through to how to write a blog post! Each video is kept short so you can concentrate on just one thing at a time, gradually building up your knowledge.

For each of our themes, ThemesBro provide a full video tutorial, with audio taking you through the installation and setup of the theme. In addition, we cover standard tasks so that even if you've never used WordPress before, you'll be up and running in no time.

ThemesBro Framework

Our ThemesBro Framework is easy to understand, unlike other more complicated frameworks. We build our custom features right into the theme so that you don't need to install extra plugins (which add possible security risks and increase the server load) - such as Sliders, Custom Header images, Google Map feature, custom widgets and extra posts types such as Properties, Restaurant Menus, Clients, Video posts, Testimonials to mention a few.

Our framework is independent of core WordPress updates, and has been tested with commonly used plugins.

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ThemesBro Framework
  • bookingBro
  • bookingBro

Coming soon ...

Our New Booking System Plugin

  • Full Customized Forms and Placeholders
  • Calendar
  • Can be used as a simple contact form
  • Responsive design for phones and tablets
  • Neutral CSS so you easily adapt it for all kinds of designs

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A Roundup Of Our Premium WordPress Themes

I'd like to introduce you to ThemesBro ­ it's a new way to look at Premium Wordpress Themes. With most WP themes, they are attractive but they are for the most part just the usual layout ­ pretty much tabular in appearance with a row of menu buttons or links arranged either down the left side or along the top. They will have a sidebar at the left, right or both, and a footer bar. At ThemesBro, we try and break away from that mould by creating very graphic, very visual and very attractive themes. We think that they stand out from the crowd and judging from our sales, a lot of other people do too.

Childcare Theme

A good example of one of our original themes, and one of our best-selling themes, is the Childcare theme. This is a bright, colourful template which is designed to be used in the area of kindergarten, nurseries, pre-school and by child-minders who run their own home-based business. We find that it is very popular with primary school teachers both in the UK and the USA. It features a home page slider to which you can add an unlimited number of images. Each image can be linked through to its own page and each slider image can be configured with its own call to action text for the link.

Hair Salon Theme

The original Hair Salon Theme is one of our best sellers, probably because it is a highly visual theme with a great set of graphics that actually ship with the theme. With almost all other premium Wordpress themes that I've used, the actual theme, when it is installed looks totally different from the illustration on the web site. This is because when you look at most themes they are dressed up using non-distributable images that are not included in the theme that you buy. Here at ThemesBro our approach is different. If we can secure the rights to distribute our images Royalty free with Themesbro themes we will. What is even better is that you can download and import the content from the demo web site and the widgets and their content and configuration. This means that if you have a client who has fallen in love with one of our demonstration themes and want to have an exact copy ­ they can!

Hair Salon Theme Version 2

Our new and improved WordPress Premium Hair Salon Theme version 2 is based on the original hair salon theme but with different images. It too comes with all the benefits of the standard and familiar ThemesBro framework including a home page slider, the ability to specify the calls to action and destination pages, fixed image headers on each separate page if you want that. It also has a built in Price List 'plugin' which we saw as essential for any hair salon. I say 'plugin' but actually at ThemesBro we try and incorporate the functionality of a plugin right into the WordPress theme, but without the performance overhead that using a plugin creates. You can probably get away with using a couple of plugins but if you start to use plugins for everything then you will find that the page load times will be affected, sometimes quite badly. Why is this a problem? It's a problem because currently Google uses the page load time as one of the ranking criteria that it evaluates when deciding whether to move your web site up in the SERPs or down. With the built in slider and the built in Price list you have avoided the use of a couple of plugins and made your pages load faster. This equates to a better SEO performance in Google's eyes and so a higher SERPs position which is really what we are all chasing.

Fitness Theme

Our Fitness WordPress Theme is another theme which includes our own Royalty free images which we can distribute with the theme for you to use in your projects, either for personal use or for commercial use in your clients web site projects.

Personal Trainer Theme

The Premium WordPress Personal Trainer Theme is another very popular theme which is ideal for promoting any similar type of service such as a pilates or yoga instructor, a tai chi instructor, judo or martial arts instructor. once again, it has a long list of features which allow you to make the theme your own. We are confident that you will be able to make this theme totally unique and escape from the trap that many other fall into with purchased (and free) themes which is that your finished web site looks very similar to many others in the same niche. Our personal trainer theme is both attractive and professional and includes a number of features such as the ability to upload your own logo image, to upload a custom background image, footer navigation that you can include. you can also change the personal trainer theme phone number, you can create call to action buttons, customize the footer text and change the footer icons or even add your own.

Premium Wordpress Fashion Theme

Our Premium WordPress Fashion Theme is our latest addition to the ThemesBro line up. It is a very modern, clean looking theme with lots of white space and a very Web 2.0 look and feel. As usual with the ThemesBro Framework, it features a fully configurable home page slider, custom logo in the main header area and a smaller version in the footer area. It is fully compatible with the latest Woocommerce plugin and, if you provide suitable high resolution images in the shop galleries, you can benefit from the Woocommerce 'magnifying glass' effect, which allows your customers to zoom in on the item images to see the fine detail. All in all, a very impressive and capable theme.

Premium Wordpress Marketing Theme

Another new addition to our theme portfolio is our Premium WordPress Marketing Theme which is an ideal match for any company involved in marketing, but particularly SEO companies and similar organizations. The premium Wordpress marketing theme includes new Portfolio template that allows the user to upload new logo images and a couple of different short descriptions for each logo listed. Every logo profile which is displayed on the Portfolio page also has an associated single page in the web site where you can set the logo as a featured image. The associated portfolio pages each support a single widgetized custom sidebar which could be used to contain a Portfolio Sub-menu for example.
Our Special offers
Every month we try and sources a free gift or a special offer for visitors to the ThemesBro web site. We try to ensure that these free gifts actually add value to your business. A good example is the free gift that we are offering during June and July 2014 which is a full video training course on how to set up Tumblr correctly in order to feed 'dofollow' backlinks to your own, or your clients' web sites. Tumblr is a Web 2.0 property which has been rather overlooked in favor of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Not many people realise that in terms of audience engagement and visitor traffic Tumblr actually exceeds Facebook in many areas. So, we think you can benefit by paying a bit more attention to Tumblr. The video training course that we are offering FREE was on sale for $47, but we have negotiated the rights to offer it to you as a free download, but for a limited time only. For full details on this one please have a look at this page how to promote your WordPress web site on Tumblr with our free video training course.
Our Blog
We maintain an active blog in which we publish a varied and interesting selection of articles all of which are WordPress related. Examples of recent post have covered topics such as '5 Ways To Secure Your WordPress Website', 'Best Hosting For Your Premium WordPress Themes', 'How To Secure WordPress', 'How To Choose A Great Domain Name', Cool WordPress Themes' and many more current topics which will be of interest, we hope, to both end users of the ThemesBro collection of themes such as hair salon owners, personal trainers and childcare providers as well as professional WordPress developers who are buying our themes for use in their client projects.
Our Support
We aim to provide first class support in a number of ways.
  1. We have produced a full set of video tutorials for each of our themes taking you through the set up and configuration of our themes from the installation of a fresh Wordpress blog right up to changing the logo and adding images to the home page slider.
  2. Our support is delivered by email within 24 hours usually. This is a maximum time to respond ­ the actual time will depend on where you are in the world and your time zone relative to ours.
  3. Our support area, once you have bought a theme, includes full access to a set of no less than 84 video tutorials on how to install and configure WordPress. Almost every task in WordPress, every problem that you might encounter while using Wordpress is dealt with in these tutorials.
  4. We give a guarantee that we will get your new theme working correctly for you even if we have to install it for you ourselves. We specialize in extreme support and will stop at nothing to ensure that you benefit from the support that you deserve.
Our Concept
Our concept in developing ThemesBro is to design, develop and bring to market visually attractive and stunningly beautiful WordPress premium themes that are different from the other themes available in the market place. We aim to set ourselves apart by our innovative and original designs and our dedication to high quality themes and support which is as near to perfect as we can make it. We hope to continue developing and publishing work like our premium WordPress fashion theme which is proving to be so successful.
Our Plans for the Future
We have some exciting plans for the future including the incorporation of a number of plugin functions. The main one which is under development now is the ThemesBro Booking System which we will build into all our themes because we believe that it will be universally applicable. For example, in the Childcare theme it could be used to book nursery sessions, days or half day slots. Its application in the hair salon themes is obvious and in the fitness trainer theme and the personal trainer themes it could be used again to book training sessions. We intend to continue to research and source training courses, video tutorial, eBooks, plugins or any other resource that we think that you will find useful in your own business with a view to making them available to you as free downloads.

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