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Support and Video instructions

All our themes come with full video tutorial support. This includes full walk-thrus on downloading the theme, installing it, creating pages and menus right through to how to write a blog post! Each video is kept short so you can concentrate on just one thing at a time, gradually building up your knowledge.

For each of our themes, ThemesBro provide a full video tutorial, with audio taking you through the installation and setup of the theme. In addition, we cover standard tasks so that even if you've never used WordPress before, you'll be up and running in no time.

ThemesBro Framework

Our ThemesBro Framework is easy to understand, unlike other more complicated frameworks. We build our custom features right into the theme so that you don't need to install extra plugins (which add possible security risks and increase the server load) - such as Sliders, Custom Header images, Google Map feature, custom widgets and extra posts types such as Properties, Restaurant Menus, Clients, Video posts, Testimonials to mention a few.

Our framework is independent of core WordPress updates, and has been tested with commonly used plugins.

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ThemesBro Framework
  • bookingBro
  • bookingBro

Coming soon ...

Our New Booking System Plugin

  • Full Customized Forms and Placeholders
  • Calendar
  • Can be used as a simple contact form
  • Responsive design for phones and tablets
  • Neutral CSS so you easily adapt it for all kinds of designs

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